Our Work

What is a Menter Iaith?

The aim of the Mentrau Iaith is to increase the use of the Welsh language in communities across Wales. The first Menter Iaith founded was in 1991, and now there are 22 of them working in all parts of Wales. All of the Menter Iaith have come into being because of the desire of local people to be able to use the Welsh language in all aspects of life in their communities.

The Mentrau Iaith are one of the Welsh Government’s key partners and operates at grassroots level to realise the aims of Cymraeg 2050: The Welsh Language Strategy – which sets out how the Welsh Government will reach the target of one million Welsh speakers by the year 2050. Each Menter Iaith operates in a unique way depending on local needs.

Your Local Menter Iaith

The Menter’s office is located in Mold but we work with communities in every area of both counties, holding events and activities and developing resources. All our work is aimed at:

  • Increasing the use of the Welsh language
  • Increasing the numbers of Welsh speakers

Examples of our work and projects can be seen on this website.

Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam is your one stop shop for the Welsh language, so if you have any questions about the Welsh language in the counties of Flintshire and Wrexham, remember to contact us!