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Dygwyl y Meirw (Festival of the Dead)

Posted Tuesday September 10th, 2019 in the News category

 “Taid isn’t here anymore – but, up in the attic cupboards, his stories are ready to be discovered…”

On Tuesday, 17th of October,  Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrescam will be welcoming a children show called Dygwyl y Meirw (Festival of the Dead) to Tŷ Pawb, Wrexham.

Celebration of our ancestors and Celtic tradition

Dygwyl y Meirw is a winter’s tale and a celebration of our ancestors and Celtic tradition, of the circle of life and also a tale of a young girl coming to term with the loss of her grandad.

Told with the help of Welsh ‘bwci-bo’ characters such as the Black Sow, the White Lady and Jack the Lantern, Gwen discovers new life in her grandfather’s story, and a future as a storyteller. The show is a combination of puppets, actors, tricks, running ghosts, spooky shadows, lights and music and ends on a note of joy and hope.

Black Star and Monkey

BAFTA Wales winner of Best Children’s Drama, Angela Roberts is the show’s author and director, who is also the founder of the professional theatre company, Seren Ddu a Mwnci (Black Star and Monkey). Over recent years, Angela saw a gap in the provision of puppetry for children through the medium of Welsh, and as a result she created two successful shows, ‘Drwg’ a ‘Bwystfilod’ in partnership with Theatr Bara Caws. Dygwyl y Meirw is her first theatrical production to be made by Angela and designer Efa Dyfan’s new company with the support of Welsh Arts Council.

Puppet-maker Efa Dyfan graduated in Illustration from Edinburgh University. She’s attended short courses with the ‘London School of Puppetry’, ‘The Little Angel Puppet Theatre’ and one of the makers on the ‘Spitting Image’ team.

Mirain Fflur is in her element performing for children and is very familiar as one of the presenters of the S4C children’s show, Pigo Dy Drwyn. In Dygwyl y Meirw she’ll be playing a saw, talking to skeletons and catching fireflies – in her mouth!

Llŷr Edwards has worked in children’s and young people’s theatre for the last twenty years, and has created memorable characters for television programmes such as Dwdlam and Yn Yr Ardd. One of his tasks during the show will be to make his head turn 360 degrees!

Dygwyl y Meirw completed a very successful tour of North Wales last autumn and, by popular acclaim, will be touring the rest of Wales from October 17th to November 2nd, 2019.

The show on tour

The show is suitable for children between 4-12 year old and their families and there’s a warm welcome for you to wear a halloween costume to the performance. Two performances will be held at Tŷ Pawb, on the 17th of October, one at 1:30pm and the other at 5:00pm. The show will be through the medium of Welsh but with English notes. Tickets for both children and adults are £5 each, or family tickets for 4 people are £18 and are available by following the link here.

Dygwyl y Meirw will be held at Wrexham with the support of Tŷ Pawb and Night Out Scheme.