Magi Ann

Who is Magi Ann?

Magi Ann is the main character of a series of stories for children and one of the favourite characters of children in Wales. She is also the national mascot of all the Mentrau Iaith and her calendar is full of visits to schools, festivals, events and eisteddfods across the country!
The well-loved characters ‘Magi Ann and her Friends’ appeared originally on the pages of black and white books created by Mena Evans, and read by generations of children throughout the 1970s and 80s.

Magi Ann at Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2022

The Magi Ann Apps

In 2013, in response to demand from the local community, Mena worked with Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam as we began the work of adapting and animating the stories. There are now 6 colourful interactive apps available to support children aged 3-7 who are learning to read Welsh. The Magi Ann apps won the top prize in the National Lottery Awards for the Best Education Project in Great Britain.

Users can:

  • read the stories on their own or listen to them being read;
  • touch a button to see a translation of sentences or on specific individual words to hear how to pronounce them;
  • use jigsaws, word games and colouring pages to add to the fun and reinforce learning.
  • You can download the apps, which have now been downloaded over 400,000 times, for FREE from the AppStore and PlayStore to a smartphone or tablet, on the IOS and Android platform.
Apiau Magi Ann

The Magi Ann Books in Full Colour!

The Publishing Company Atebol’s decision to publish Magi Ann’s books, updated and in colour, is the latest exciting development along this extraordinary journey. We are proud to have had the opportunity to work together on the development which includes new learning elements that make them suitable for second language readers as well as first language Welsh learners. This development ensures that the books are fresh and contemporary and suitable for a brand-new audience introducing two new characters called Ali and Jac.¬†We are really looking forward to seeing new generations of Welsh children learning to read with Magi Ann and her Friends in their new guise!