Mentrau Iaith Cymru

Welsh Business Network Pilot

Posted Monday November 16th, 2020 in the News category

Helo Blod supports small businesses to use more Cymraeg in their business by providing a quick and friendly translation service and personal support, Helo Blod Local.
Do you run a business? Are you interested in networking with other businesses through the medium of Cymraeg or bilingually? This can be an opportunity to meet new businesses and new contacts.
If you are learning Cymraeg, you are a first language speaker or have not spoken Cymraeg since the days of school – we want to support you by providing an especially dedicated platform for you to meet other businesses in Cymraeg or bilingually. You can use Cymraeg as much or as little as you are happy to use. We want to support you and make you feel comfortable.
We’re starting as a pilot in the North East and the South West of Wales in January to see how it goes. The network will be held through MS Teams or Zoom.
In order for us to measure the demand and arrange it to suit you, we would appreciate it if you completed this short questionnaire by Monday, 30th of November.