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Helo Blod

Posted Tuesday September 29th, 2020 in the category

Helo Blod is your fast and friendly Welsh translation and advice service. And it’s free. Your local Helo Blod Advisor Ffion Whitham is here to help.

Businesses can access free support with the following:

  • access free translations into Welsh of up to 500 words a month
  • check your own translations into Welsh of up to 1,000 words per year
  • market and promote your business bilingually
  • increase Welsh language customer services and recruit Welsh speakers and Welsh learners
  • make the Welsh language more visible in your business, opening the door to new customers and conversations
  • get you connected with businesses around you so you can build a network to use more Welsh
  • help you and your team to learn a few Welsh words – or more

You can get in touch with Ffion via phone or e-mail and she can chat about how you can work together on increasing your use of Welsh. Or you can go to the Helo Blod website for our free translation service.


Phone: 07809 731572