Mentrau Iaith Cymru

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What is Menter Iaith?


A Menter Iaith is an independent community organisation working to increase and strengthen the use of Welsh locally. There are 22 branches of Menter Iaith across Wales, and every Menter is different, serving for the specific needs of their local areas. The Mentrau (that’s plural for ‘Menter’) organise community events, host activities for children and families, and help businesses and services who wish to use more Welsh. The Mentrau model is unique to Wales and has attracted interest from across the world. Your local Menter Iaith can direct you to Welsh services, Welsh language learning classes, and local Welsh events.



The first Menter Iaith was established in Cwm Gwendraeth in January 1991 in response to demands from the area’s communities to strengthen local Welsh community activities. By 1998 five Mentrau existed, and from seeing the success of these early initiatives grew the demand for similar initiatives in communities across Wales.

In the years that followed, volunteers from other communities came together to form their own Mentrau. Mentrau Iaith Cymru was established in 1999 as a national body to support the local Mentrau. Today, 22 Mentrau Iaith exist across Wales, as well as two Mentrau that operate as projects in specific areas, one at Bangor in North Wales and the other at Patagonia in Argentina.



Rhannu gyda ffrindiau